Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Hello and Happy Wednesday!

Finals week is half over! Wahoo!

So let's talk about something...

I've been particularly sappy and weepy recently. Why? It starts with a "G" and ends with "RADUATION". Now, I wouldn't say I am the most nostalgic person in the world by any means, but holy crap people, graduation is in 3 freaking days. Excuse me while I scream.

I don't know how to handle it. Really, I've been crying in public more than normal and for no discernible reason. I just cry.

I've decided that redirecting my crazy-person behavior to this blog (that is tear proof) would be beneficial for everyone. So, allow me to wallow in cathartic sentimentality with some photos, memories, and stories from FRESHMAN year. This is going to be unbelievably embarrassing  awesome.

This is me the day I moved in to Walker Tower as a freshman (how did I make friends?). Yes, youngins, this is what life was life pre-dorm renovation. 

How about we take another look at this gem of a dorm room, shall we? 
Does everyone agree that my stuffed snake with the OU hat on exudes collegiate maturity? I thought so too. 

I remember the first night I slept in my tiny purple bed. I laid my head down and looked up to see the underside of those shelves. There was graffiti EVERYWHERE. And from most decades, too. I remember one message written in red with a heart around it that read something like "Jennifer loves Michael, 1977". My roommate Caiti and I laughed to keep from crying and shuddering. The renovation came at a good time. 

After a semester of living in the 18th century dorm option, my roommate and I relocated to a normal person room, where we made what turned out to be one of the best collegiate decisions of my life: 
We put a hammock under her bed. Pardon the banana (snicker).

This is the Fab Four. And they'll all hate me for posting this. 
 And yes, that sweat-nastiness is from Retro Night at Camp Crimson. My FIRST camp to be exact. 

We met at camp and hung out almost every day of our first semester. You think I'm joking. I don't know what I would have done without them (and my other whitehands) because I hated everything for the first month of college. Example: I was lying (yes, in the fetal position) in a booth in the Caf sobbing during the second week of school because I got a C on a quiz and they convinced me that life was still worth living. Solid friends. 

I will also say that we still have small group reunions, making us probably the longest running small group of all time. Hands Still White fo' life. 

I became an insane rock climber. Not insane as in good, but insane as in I did nothing else with my spare time. And my arms looked AWESOME. 

I learned french. Well, sort of. We did sing about juice on the last day of class. 

There are so many other moments from my first year that seem like they happened both yesterday and a decade ago. Everything was so different, so easy. Sniffle. 

Do any of you have favorite memories? Does Freshman years feel like a dream to you? Let's talk about it. 


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